Ultimate Guide To Hiring Your Wedding Professionals

The Ultimate Guide To Hiring Your Wedding Professionals

Curled up on the couch with your beloved cooing at your beautiful engagement ring, your mind wanders to what this special day will look like. What YOU will both look like! How the day will flow, the guests you’ll invite and OMGosh who will be your bridesmaids?! “Hang on a second!” You hear your inner voice screech. “Umm, you’ve never planned a wedding before! YOU NEED THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO HIRE WEDDING PROS”

You’re still reeling from the emotions, your lover has popped that big question! Will You Marry Me? Through tears and loving laughter of joy and complete happiness, you’ve said a big YES YES, of course, I will! You’ve called your closest family and friends and announced the biggest news of your life so far.

This is the biggest event you’ll ever plan! How are you going to pull this off?”  This is where we come in, this post is your Ultimate Guide to hiring wedding professionals for your day. Below we have listed 10 key questions to ask any vendor that you are thinking of hiring. This will set you on the correct path and steer you away from any dodgy people who aren’t experienced enough to give you the day you’ve been dreaming of.

So You’re Engaged! What Do You Do Now?

Our Ultimate Guide To Hiring Wedding Professionals

  1. Question 1 – {and this may seem obvious} Are you available on my date?

    Sending out an email blast to a heap of, let’s say, photographers, is great; but no use if the one you want sends you their pricing, it’s exactly what you want and then you find out that they aren’t available… DISAPPOINTING! So the first question you want to ask ALWAYS is Are you available on my date?

  2. Question 2 – Do you charge travel fees? 

    Let’s say you live in Sydney, yet your dream photographer lives and works in Brisbane. Like us! *giggles* It would pay to ask upfront what said photographers will charge you to cover your day in your town. Most wedding pros will charge a travel fee outside of 75kms from their local area. So get that out of the way fairly early in the piece.

  3. Question 3 – Can you provide a custom quote or do you only provide wedding package deals? 

    I don’t know about you but I don’t always fit into a package deal. I like to have some flexibility when I am ordering a product or a service. This is a question I always ask, as a result, I also offer highly flexible packages.

  4. Question 4 – How far in advance do I need to book?

    A lot of businesses book out up to 12 months in advance, from venues, Celebrants, photographers, DJ’s and florists just to name a few. In fact, more wedding professionals are taking bookings minimum of 6 months in advance. So get in early especially with your venue, photographer, celebrant and /or videographer.

  5. Question 5 – What is your experience level / or How long have you been working in the wedding industry?

    Depending on your Wishlist and your budget, this is something to question. Everyone has to start somewhere and there’s nothing wrong with being a vendors first client. So the question to ask yourself in this instance is do I want to be part of that journey? Can I afford for that particular service to go wrong or not be EXACTLY what I wanted? In saying that you may get better service BECAUSE you are the first client or part of their journey into the wedding industry. It really could go either way. What is your risk profile? Which leads me to my next important question.

  6. Question 6 – Do you have any references or testimonials AND a portfolio I can view? 

    This is a big one. The most reliable way to choose a wedding pro is directly from the people who have worked with them before. Past clients who enjoyed their service will be more than happy to write reviews or even in some cases have a chat with you. For visual vendors such as florists, Dress designers, Event Decorators, videographers, and photographers etc. the best way to see if they can provide the result you are looking for is by viewing a portfolio of previous work. So definitely ask to see more than just what’s on their highlight gallery.

  7. Question 7 – Do you have a refund and/or a cancellation policy? 

    Ok, I don’t want to put a dark cloud over your planning, but you never know what life is going to throw at you. Anything can happen between now and your coveted date. So check out what is refundable and what is not. (Lucky we’ve got your back with this Ultimate guide)

  8. Question 8 – Will you be drawing up a contract or agreement for your product or service?

    You might be a little scared of a contract, and I don’t blame you. They can be scary! But it will save you in the event of that “ANYTHING” happening as we mentioned in point 7. It will cover both you and your profession. It gives you a clear understanding of what’s expected from them and what you have entitled to as well as what your responsibilities are also. But mainly to cover everyone’s best interests.

  9. Question 9 – Do you have insurances? 

    Let’s say you hire a videographer she is amazing at her job, but at the wedding, Aunty Betty trips over her equipment and not only breaks the camera losing your days video but also breaks her hip! Aunty Betty is going to need a new hip, your videographer is going to have to buy new equipment and somehow replace your precious video footage, Messy stuff… Liability insurance is going to come to the rescue on this occasion. But if no one is insured, what happens then? I don’t even want to begin to imagine!

  10. Question 10 – Delivery & Set up times. When will my products arrive, what times will they be delivered and where will they be delivered on the day? 

    Find out from your specific wedding professionals the setup times, load-in times, delivery times and where everything will be delivered to. Your florist might want to deliver your bouquets to you at the preparation location but needs to set up your flower Arbor the day before for example. The DJ may need to get into the venue by lunchtime to set up, but you don’t have access until late afternoon. Or the venue may require your decorators to set up the day before inside the reception area, but your event decorators can only set up in the morning! To find out these details as you book each vendor. Starting with the venue.Bel Amour Wedding Photography

Ultimate Guide Pro Tips:

  1. Make a list of your top 3 wedding professionals from each industry, and get 3 quotes to compare. If none appeal, make another list of 3 and approach it 3 at a time until you find the ONE.
  2. Meet with as many vendors as possible, either prior or post-booking. Because you want to know you gel with the people helping you create these important memories.
  3. Take A LIST of questions with you or have it with you when talking to your potential wedding pro extraordinaire.

Using this as a guide will hopefully save you time and possibly heartbreak. Being prepared is the best way to avoid any disappointment and pull off this huge event just the way you always thought you would. Sign up for our newsletter via our Facebook page to receive your ultimate guide to hiring your wedding professionals PDF. We’ve created this in an ultimate guide checklist format to have with you when searching for those amazing businesses you want to share your day with.

Also, check out our vendor links on the blog – we only endorse people we know and trust (we don’t take kickbacks).

Until next time Happy Planning! Amy-Lee

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