How We Came Up With Our Name: Bel Amour Wedding Photography

How We Came Up With Our Name ‘Bel Amour Wedding Photography’

We get this question a lot! How did you come up with the name Bel Amour Wedding Photography? And what does it mean?

Well, it’s quite a cute story actually; but first, let me take you back to the beginning. About 8 years ago after years of using a film camera, I purchased my first DSLR it was a little Canon 550D (entry level camera) it was perfect for my first digital camera.

I knew right away that I wanted to make images as my full-time career as soon as I started playing with this beautiful beast. I loved my film cameras, but I couldn’t always shoot whenever I wanted or at any time with instant results. With 5 children at home, we were on one and a half incomes. Myself only working part-time as a Tupperware manager, while managing a new baby! So as you can imagine the film is expensive and developing the film was costly as well!

That DSLR opened up my world to such a new dimension! It was so much better than my phone camera (obviously) I took it everywhere, photographed EVERYTHING… I’m chuckling at the memory of it. My husband was a little annoyed at times because he became my full-time model, along with my kids and our dogs… I just couldn’t get enough of this instant photography.

Finally, my husband, Andrew, said “Babe why don’t you start your own business and get clients to photograph? You take more pictures than anyone I’ve ever met and you should be making money out of this!”

I thought about it, could I do this? I mean I’d worked as a model for years before working with some of the top photographers in Australia like Ben Coulter and watched everything Tony Mott ever did. But could I take my love and turn it into dollars from the other side of the camera?

So I did, I took a huge leap and created AmyLee Photography www.amylee.com.au straight away things took off! I was booking a family & newborn sessions every week. My business evolved over the years from weddings & families to fashion and women’s portraiture. I was loving it all!

Fast forward to 2015, things between Andrew and I fell apart. We decided it was best if we separated. I knew I loved him but our marriage just wasn’t working. Both of us were overworked and we grew so far apart that we didn’t even notice each other anymore. We spent the majority of 2015 living apart until finally, we realised how much we did love one another and that this separation, was just a glitch in our marital journey.

To our relief, we reconciled and started fresh. But I had put my camera down during that year. I couldn’t bring myself to photograph a thing. Not my children, nor my life or my clients. I completely put my career on the shelf. Photography is my art, it’s my love and it’s so personal to me that while I was in this dark place of heartbreak I just couldn’t bear the thought of photographing anyone or anything.

Once we were back in each other’s lives and hearts I slowly started getting my groove back. I knew I wanted to photograph clients again so I put myself out there. I guess because of the joy and love I felt, I wanted to photograph others in love too! Andrew and I spoke about working together instead of always going in separate directions; living separate lives in every way.

Not having time together drove us apart and we didn’t want that to happen again. Andrews position as Project Supervisor had been made redundant; so we took a leap of faith and brought him into the business. We decided to focus on wedding photography again and began training him in all aspects of photography and my business.

Luckily for me, he didn’t come in totally blind, as his background is in photographic editorial and Graphic Design, which works in well. Andrew is also an artist in his own right; painting and sketching is something he truly enjoys. Andrew has an incredible eye for art and composition.

But we couldn’t keep the name as it was if we were going to now be working as a team!


So we thought about different names that we could use, we brainstormed and brainstormed. We wrote ideas down – some silly some really cool, but nothing really jumped out at us! Until one night I was lying in bed thinking about years gone by and about the unborn baby that I lost in 2003.

I had named the baby Bella and for some reason all of these thoughts started swirling in my mind, I thought about the love I felt for Bella and all of our children also the love I felt for Andrew and how beautiful our love is especially now; and I had the urge to look up the French and Italian words for Beautiful Love;  because for us we feel marriage is one of the most beautiful forms of love… Bel Amour!

The words I found that I loved was, of course, Bel Amour, it incorporated the sound of the name Bella so it just felt perfect for us moving forward. Could it be Bel Amour Wedding Photography?

So we talked about it and agreed that Bel Amour Wedding photography sounded amazing for our new direction. So Bel Amour Wedding Photography was born and we think it suits us, now we can shower our clients with the love of our art, our love of weddings, our love of love and our love for them!

What do you think? Leave your comments below we’d love to hear your thoughts

Until next time
Amy-Lee & Andrew


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