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When it comes to picking a Wedding Photographer, it can be a challenging experience. If you want our advice - Follow your heart and instincts. If it feels right for you, that's a great indication.

My husband and I share a creative spark and love working together and I think that's why our clients get such a great result. We know each other very well, sometimes too well, and we continuously bounce ideas off each other. It's worth telling you that we also have a healthy amount of competition between us in terms of who's getting the best shot of the day. But as we all know, there can be only one boss - me, lol.

If you're looking for something beautiful and unique, timeless and romantic. Photography that shows off your inner incredible-ness-ness, whether it's your wedding or your engagement session, then we would love to be part of that.

"Amy Lee and Andrew make a cracking team! They make you feel more than comfortable and guide you through the whole photoshoot process. Our engagement and wedding images are just devine and exceeded our expectations. Everyone loves the pictures! Thank you!"

Jacqui A