Nicole and Hayden’s Fantasy Forest Engagement Shoot

Bel Amour Wedding Photography Engagement Shoot

On Sunday just passed we had the pleasure of spending some time with Hayden and Nicole for their Engagement shoot and despite the mozzies that tormented us throughout the shoot, we managed to capture some amazingly authentic moments between these two.

Completely unaware that there was a bush fire burning in the same forest, some distance away, and fighting off some pesky mozzies, Hayden and Nicole really warmed to the camera. Like a lot of couples, they hadn’t had much time in front of the camera so it took about 5 mins before they were starting to loosen up, but once they did, we were able to get some fantastic shots.

You can really see the connection these two have with each other and when you have two people so in love, it makes photographing them a breeze. All the magic moments are there for the taking, we just have to make sure we don’t interfere too much lol.

We let the stunning light that was painting it’s way through the trees do the work and we are so glad that they chose us to photograph them. And it’s very humbling to be the ones that will be covering their wedding also.

Personally I can’t wait for this wedding. You both are so genuine, so full of life and love and it’s contagious. Ahh young love.

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Bel Amour Wedding Photography Engagement Shoot




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