Naomi and Daniel’s Rustic Wedding

Naomi and Daniel’s Rustic Wedding

Bel Amour Wedding Photography - Wedding Wedding Photographers Brisbane, Sunshine, Coast and Gold Coast Copyright 2017What can I say… This was such an epic experience and we were very lucky to be there to see the exchange of those magic two words… “I do.” Naomi and Daniels wedding was a completely unique feel. Such a stunning bride and a very tall handsome groom and a fantastic vibe from the entire family in attendance – and there were A LOT in attendance. Generation upon generation, gathered to witness the union of these two who were quite obviously so deeply connected to each other. I know I probably say this a lot, but I felt a huge. sense of pride and honour as Amy-Lee and I did our best to capture those fleeting magic moments and freezing them in time. We feel a huge responsibility when we photograph weddings. There’s only one chance to get it right. There’s only one go at capturing that magic moment and if you miss it, there’s no re-winding. This wedding was so picturesque and it was an extremely rewarding experience. And once again we got to bask in the budding love of two of the sweetest humans in the world. Thanks Daniel and Naomi. Wishing you a long happy life together.



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