Jonathan + Andrea

James + Elsa

Kijana + Letisha

Hayden + Nicole

David + Maddison

Elliot + Caitlin

Zikos + Krysta

Abe + Ally

Jacob + Hannah


 You + Us = Team BFF

A few things about You.

You love the finer things in life. You appreciate that a picture speaks a thousand words.

Stories are important to you, liking the person telling your story is more important to you.

You live with intention and with purpose.

You are not traditional, and you like to do things your own way. You enjoy keeping in touch with people who matter.

The walls of your home are full of memories. You appreciate photographic art and the skill it requires.

You prefer good conversation and friendships over the superficial things in life.

You are full of life, honest and real.

There’s no holding back, you are who you are and you love that!

You are in love with life, your life and it shows. You always stand for what you believe in no matter what.

When you love you, love for keeps.

Sound familiar?

Then I think we’re about to become best friends!